14 April 2012

-Of course, I haven’t taken the last few months off, but I have sorely neglected this record. The more I ignore it the more I realize its value. So here we go again..
-started Wardrip-Fruin’s Expressive Processing, which looks good (a history of several particular works of digital media, told in such a way that the two ideas encapsulated in W-F’s notion of expressive processing are foregrounded).
-From W-F’s book: requested Nick Montfort’s Twisty Little Passages; George Landow’s Hypertext (3rd ed); Matt Barton’s Dungeons & Desktops; Chris Bateman’s Game Writing; discovered Alexander Galloway, who seems like a very interesting thinker, for a variety of reasons (focus, but also approach: sophisticated theoretically); found Galloway’s book The Exploit, written with Eugene Thacker, on ebrary; Jason Scott’s 2005 film BBS: The Documentary.


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