20 January 2012

Beyond Cyberpunk: New Critical Perspectives on loan from Grande Prairie Regional College library. Trying to get through it quick. Tom Moylan mentioned in the intro (and has a paper in the book)—why do I know that name? Computer search turns up nothing.
-Krokers’ Digital Delirium and Hacking the Future from the library. Will probably need to buy all the Krokers’ books soon—they just keep coming up!
-Bookmarked Stross’s blog: here
-ordered The Matrix Trilogy and McHale’s Constructing Postmodernism from lib. Both seem to have strong CP ties.
-requested R.K. Morgan’s novel Altered Carbon (2002), which is apparently full of cyberpunk motifs. It’s the first novel in a trilogy.
-tried to find Stross’s “Exploring Distortions” article; stuck. Any suggestions or links?
-tried to find Shiner’s New York Times editorial “Confessions of an Ex-Cyberpunk” (1991); stuck. But found NYT article commenting on game Deus Ex, which looks interesting; also found article discussing @mkirschenbaum ’s new book about the history of fictional composition using word-processing software. Sounds mildly interesting.


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