21 January 2012

21 January 2012:
-read Bruno Arich-Gerz’s article (in Imagescapes) “The Eye-Con-Tactile, mesmerism and Literature: seeing the feel in Hawthorne’s The Marble Faun and William Gibson’s Idoru.” Interesting texts to juxtapose but poorly written and not entirely compelling.
-started Doreen Hartmann’s article (in Futurescapes) “Spatial Practices: an interdisciplinary series in cultural history, geography and literature.” Fantastic. So much good stuff and lots of great resources. Her work is grounded in Foucault and de Certeau, reinforcing my claim that the only good/interesting work on cyberspace/DH/etc. must have a strong theoretical tradition behind it.
-(re)ordered Mike Featherstone’s Cyberspace, Cyberbodies, Cyberpunk from the library, after references to it (and esp. references to the introduction on the influencing role of SF on society/culture) in D. Hartmann’s essay “Space Construction as Cultural Practice.”
-requested Postmodern Sublime (Tabbi); Routledge Companion to Science Fiction (Bould); Critical Theory and Science Fiction (Freedman); No Maps For These Territories (book from 2011! Hoepker); Archaeologies of the Future (Jameson); Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep? (2010 Chu); Blackwell Companion to Science Fiction (Seed); The Political Mapping of Cyberspace (2003, Crampton);
Lost In Space: Geographies of Science Fiction seems like a decent book (eds Kneale and Kitchin); available online through U of A ebrary access. Same with Dodge and Kitchin’s Mapping Cyberspace (which apparently talks about the relationship/interplay between urban and virtual spaces).
-Discovered Neuromancer graphic novel (1989, Bruce Jensen); Terminal Identity (1993; Scott Bukatman); Gothic Motifs in the Fiction of William Gibson (2004, Tatiani G. Rapatzikou).
-fantastic list of William Gibson material on website here; and another one here. Awesome!


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