18 April 2012

-picked up a bunch of books, which look to be useful to varying degrees: Twisty Little Passages, Hypertext 3.0 (again, as I didn’t get to look through it much last time I had it out), Second Person; most interested in the third one as the others seem mostly to be about interactive fiction, which is only tangentially related to my project.
-notes from Kirschenbaum’s article “What is the Digital Humanities and What’s it doing in English Departments?,” which is a good (and short) summary of the development of the term “digital humanities” and points to several useful places (written in Kirschenbaum’s sometimes-too-casual style); had read the article ages ago on Kirschenbaum’s blog but not carefully; reread it in Gold’s Debates in Digital Humanities, which looks like it will be good (although, the so-called “debates” seem to be mountains out of mole-hills; isn’t there more interesting things to be doing than cataloging pointless squabbles?).


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