21 August 2012

-reading K. Hayles’s new book, How We Think. Prompted me to request Nicholas Carr’s The shallows : how the Internet is changing the way we think, read and remember, from 2010. Also requested, Gary Hall’s Digitize this Book!, which I’ve seen around a lot but not taken seriously (probably because the title reminds me too much of the System of a Down album title, “Steal this Album.”).
-much interested in Hayles’s (and Jeccica Pressman’s) work on, or definition of, the field of Comparative Media Studies. I think that CMS could be a nice shorthand for defining my “field.” Hayles’ definition comes with a whole list of seemingly useful books (most of which have now been requested): Loss Glazier’s Digital Poetics: the making of epoetry; Mark Hansen’s Bodies in Code (which I’ve had sitting on the shelf before but never looked at seriously; Hayles recommends it as a mix of New Media content and continental philosophy, which is what I want to be. Or do.).
-randomly came across Critical Terms for Media Studies (co-edited by Mark Hansen); from 2010 and sounds interesting. Requested.
-this also looks good: First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game, edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Pat Harrigan. (article by John Cayley, “Literal Art: Neither Lines nor Pixels but Letters” is contained in this collection)


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