28 January 2013

-requested Technoscience and Cyberculture, edited by Stanley Aronowitz. I’ve been digging into the Krokers’ wonderful Critical Digital Studies and realizing that my favourite parts are those written by Arthur and Marilousie. Technoscience and Cyberculture contains a chapter by Arthur, titled “The Theory of the Virtual Class,” which sounds interesting.
-discovered an article that seems to make an argument similar to the one that I’m hoping to make: “Sciencepunk: The Influence of Informed Science Fiction on Virtual Reality Research” by Jeremy N. Bailenson, Nick Yee, Alice Kim, and Jaireh tecarro. It’s in the useful-looking collection SciFi in the Mind’s Eye: Reading Science Through Science Fiction, edited by Margret Grebowicz (2007).
-In the course of locating SciFi in the Mind’s Eye, discovered Paul Youngquist’s Cyberfiction: After the Future (2010), which looks to have a lot on Gibson. Realizing that the component of the project that I know the least about is scifi and cyberpunk. Happily, that’s probably the component that is the easiest and most fun to study.
-Also rediscovered McCaffery’s Across the Wounded Galaxies, which contains interviews with a host of important scifi authors from throughout the twentieth century, including Gibson. I’ve had the book before, but am not certain that I’ve given it enough attention. A similar relationship with Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep? by Seo-Young Chu (2010), which I know spent some quality time on my bookshelf.
Analysing Media Texts arrived. Perhaps David Hesmondhalgh was so enthusiastic about it in The Cultural Industries because he is author or part author of two of Analysing Media Texts five chapters! We’ll see…
-A few articles on Neuromancer at 25 years: Here and Here and Here and Here.


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