15 April 2012

15 April 2012. -requested Second Person (edited by Wardrip-Fruin); WF mentions Jill Walker Rettberg’s article that “talks about the pleasure found in learning the quest-based fictions of a place” (Expressive Processing 61). Hopefully other good stuff in the collection as well. -slogging through Expressive Processing.

14 April 2012

-Of course, I haven’t taken the last few months off, but I have sorely neglected this record. The more I ignore it the more I realize its value. So here we go again.. -started Wardrip-Fruin’s Expressive Processing, which looks good (a history of several particular works of digital media, told in such a way that…

25 January 2012

-finished McHale article from Beyond Cyberpunk (also in his book Constructing Postmodernism); decent article, some good links between postmodernist fiction and cyberpunk and good discussion of SF. -started Rob Latham’s “A Rare State of Ferment” (from Beyond Cyberpunk); looks okay but is a survey of controversies and developments in SF, including the breakdown of the…

24 January 2012

-finished Notes from Hartmann—absolutely fantastic article full of useful things. -started reading The Raw Shark Texts, which is also fantastic (based on N.K. Hayles’s recommendation at her presentation).

23 January 2012

-ordered Michel de Certeau’s book The Practice of Everyday Life (1980) from the library (after reading about it in Hartmann). -finished Hartmann; some really fantastic stuff, especially drawing together the real, the fictional, and the virtual; ends by suggesting that these form a loop! Perfect. -collected many ordered books from lib.

21 January 2012

21 January 2012: -read Bruno Arich-Gerz’s article (in Imagescapes) “The Eye-Con-Tactile, mesmerism and Literature: seeing the feel in Hawthorne’s The Marble Faun and William Gibson’s Idoru.” Interesting texts to juxtapose but poorly written and not entirely compelling. -started Doreen Hartmann’s article (in Futurescapes)

20 January 2012

–Beyond Cyberpunk: New Critical Perspectives on loan from Grande Prairie Regional College library. Trying to get through it quick. Tom Moylan mentioned in the intro (and has a paper in the book)—why do I know that name? Computer search turns up nothing. -Krokers’ Digital Delirium and Hacking the Future from the library. Will probably need…